100% Cotton Corduroy

Woven Fabric

 We can do non-span and span , two-tone, and print corduroy.

2.5W 21/2X21/45X228 
4.5W 21/2X21/45X190
6W 12X16/64X128
8W 12X12/48X148
10W 21/2X16/39X190
11W 12X16/64X128
14W 16X16/72X128
16W 16X21/44X134
21W 40X40/77X177

6W 16X20 70D/40X128
8W 16X20 70D/40X128
11W 16X20 70D/51X140
14W 16X20 70D/51X140
16W 16X16 70D/51X134
21W 16X20 70D/44X134

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